55" Wooden Hiking Stick w/ Water Resistant Pouch

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Planning a camping trip and wondering whether you can fit your favorite walking stick? This unique design makes it an easy decision because it breaks-down to 18" sections that slip inside a water-resistant travel pouch for easy pack & carry. Hardened steel threaded inserts screw together firmly so once assembled, the pole is as strong or stronger than one-piece construction. Asian Bianbai wood has a dense fiber structure that combines the strength of hardwood with the low weight of bamboo. Rubber tip provides non-slip platform and is reinforced for durability. Remove the tip to reveal steel spike for traversing rock, compacted soil or ice.

  • Full-size walking & hiking stick that's easy to pack & carry - and weighs just 16 oz
  • Smart design has three 18" sections with hardened steel threaded inserts; assembles in seconds
  • Remove reinforced rubber tip to use steel spike on rock or ice; handy wrist lanyard
  • Includes nylon-canvas case with rip--stick flap, loop for backpack strap fits 5'4" to 6'0"
  • Strong & light natural bianbai wood - each one unique with flora hand-carving, weatherproof finish
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