50Lbs Draw Pistol Grip Crossbow W/ Arrows

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Pistol Grip Crossbow w/ 3 Arrows (Add more arrows at checkout!)

This Pistol Grip Crossbow is constructed of stainless steel with a black hard plastic overlay. Complete with a sight positioned at the end of the barrel for precision in aiming. Perfect for target practice and amateur competitions!

It has a 50lbs draw, cocking lever, adjustable sights, safety, durable fiber construction, and comes with three plastic bolts (arrows). Bolts fired travel at 200 fps+ (feet per second) with pinpoint accuracy up to 60 yards.

Note: If you plan on firing this crossbow even more than just occasionally, you should pick up some extra crossbow string at your local sporting goods store.

Product Features:

  • 50lb Draw
  • Cocking Lever
  • Manual Cocking
  • Sight positioning at end of the barrel
  • Adjustable sights
  • Safety to prevent accidental fires
  • 3 Bolts (arrows)
  • 200 feet per second shots
  • Accuracy up to 60 yards (180 feet)
Country of Origin: Made in China
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